5 Signs You Use Your Lunch Break to Your Disadvantage

Claudia Brose
8 min readDec 18, 2021
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A friend just told me that he starts Monday morning with Zoom calls, back to back until the evening, Monday through Friday. It feels like one big Zoom call starting on Monday and Friday evening, he realizes, wow, it’s Friday. Where did the week go? I looked puzzled…Really? Do you enjoy your work?

Yes, I love my job, he said. But it is indeed exhausting and uncomfortable to be in front of the screen all day from my windowless home office. At least I love talking to my team and leading them to become better.

Any break, for coffee, lunch, stretch, fresh air, I asked incredulously? No, not really. Do you still feel yourself, where you are, who you are? It gets blurry, he replies.


I believe the quality of your attention determines the quality of your work and your life.

What do you pay attention to in your break between working and more working? Or, between working and your private life? Do you take a conscious break?

How do you use your lunch break time or the little coffee break times in between working?

Do you erase that line between your work-life and who you are in your life-life?

We are living in a time where the things that have something to do with work are now almost impossible to distinguish from the things that have something to do with you.

Perhaps taking a break for lunch or coffee is a good moment to check in with yourself if you are still on track with who you are and who you want to be. In the next hours, next week and next month. And then go back to work more conscious and aligned with yourself.

So, what are some signs that you use your lunch break not to your advantage?

1. You have lunch with colleagues in the company’s cafeteria

Do you digest, process or consume in your lunch break?

You do have a choice.

Do you accept that invitation from your colleague to have lunch together? You want to keep it simple and just go into the company’s cafeteria? Do you end up just digesting your lunch and moving seamlessly on to your desk chair?

Claudia Brose

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