5 Ways To Respond To Disrespectful And Unappreciative Work Situations

Instead of getting worked up about the often stressed-out behavior in business relationships, do this

Claudia Brose
9 min readJun 26, 2022


2 women standing next to each other, in summercloths, outside, one with laptop showing the other, black and white picture by Heike Rost
Me and a colleague — Photo © Heike Rost

Our hustle-driven, hyper-connected, and hectic-behavioral world made us into impolite, disrespectful, inconsiderate members of the working society.

Stop for a moment and think about it.

When you’re under time pressure you request stuff or give orders in a quick, short-sentence way, easily drop the please and thank you. It is always urgent and needs to be done the day before yesterday.

Skip the courtesy and appreciation talk. It’s one way to cut corners.

We are constantly pushing harder and faster; we are multitasking and task juggling.

We give into that rush and accept the hectic as if it were a cult.

As a result, we end up with no time to think first, appreciate afterward, or communicate in between.

The stress and pressure we adhere to have a lot of destructive elements.

One of them is that it ruins our interpersonal relationships.

We don’t take a moment to express our appreciation for what a teammate, staff member, or collaborator did.

And it all comes down to “No Time!”.

If you don’t want to be that superficial, stressed out, a disrespectful person who is sometimes the victim of superficial, stressed out, disrespectful business partners, colleagues, or bosses — consider this input.

Here Is What Happens When We Are Stressed Out

The pace of the world has increased, with tight deadlines and soaring expectations. We feel overworked and often even undervalued.

Something got lost on the way to higher, faster, better. We lost the time to value and appreciate the people who try to make it all higher, faster, and better.

Research has shown that when we are in a crazy busy mode, we actually harm our ability to manage the business, including our interaction with others.



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