6 Reasons Why You Want To Slow Down Now And Not Later

The smart, fast, and focused way to a brighter, longer and more joyful life

Claudia Brose
6 min readSep 23, 2022


Photo © John McDermott | Me slowing down

Slow life, slow this, slow that, slowing down — no, you are not supposed to turn into a snail.

And we can’t make the world reduce its crazy speed. Economics, greed, and human’s constant desire to advance tech and developments in all kinds of areas won’t listen to the many exhausted, burned out, and drop dead trying to withstand stress, hustle, and over-racing.

But what does the constant push and pressure do to you? It makes you sick and you want things and life to slow down a bit.

Given what we have turned the world into, an ever-growing and hungry for more planet, “slowing down” means to be aware of the harm the fast-paced world does to our health, the environment, and our future.

Slowing down means being able to pay attention to how you lead your life and how you see your future.

So, decelerating is not so much about all of us pulling the emergency brake of the turning globe, it is rather about your mindset, how you approach your life, and about taking time to reflect and paying attention to yourself and what’s happening around you.

If you take a closer look you will find a lot of reasons why slowing down makes your life and work life better.

Here are 6 reasons I like you to think about why slowing down is so valuable:

1. You Jack Up Your Life Expectancy Significantly

Do you want to listen to your body when it is in overdrive and prevent it from going down the cliff? Slowing down helps to notice the signals in your body and to see the warning lights going off that you are going way too fast on the race track.

It has been proven over and over again that stress takes a toll on your life and health. Besides, we can see it all around us with colleagues, acquaintances, and friends.

The centennials around the world have several overlapping habits that make them live longer and stay healthy.



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