Hey, I’m Claudia, welcome to the place that wants to challenge and encourage you to question a hurried world that doesn’t stop rushing you.

I am a very active person, my body and mind are constantly moving, full of energy and ideas. But hey, don’t rush me or stress me out. It just sucks the soul and love out of living and doing the things we do. Keeping up with the digital Joneses is necessary, but equally necessary is to keep up with values such as quality, thoughtfulness, and awareness.

If you feel the same, you have come to the right place.

I believe we need a mindset shift in our culture of busyness to bring quality, depth, human connection, reflecting, and awareness back into our lives.

I am here to give you tons of reasons why you should have the balls to stand up against a rushed world.

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I am also an undeniable optimist, crazy about everything Japanese, obsessed with the outdoors and a world traveler.

I research, write and reflect about the topics #attention #simplicity #mindset #lifestyle #slowlife #self-awareness

Remember that a good life is often about memorable experiences on the way, rather than rushing your way through life.

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Claudia Brose

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