Do You Consider Yourself Camp Sheep Or Camp Explorer?

How to get away from a life on autopilot to a life you control

Claudia Brose


Photo by Federica Giusti on Unsplash

Our world is moving fast, and we often get pushed through it with little time for reflecting, pausing or breathing. Do you enjoy that? Or do you just go with the flow of these hectic times?

This is about helping you become aware of your way of walking through your daily life.

Are you rather part of the sheep herd following the standards and the hectic tides because it’s quicker and easier, or are you questioning, controlling and following your inner compass?

You probably act, decide, move to satisfy your current needs without much thinking about it. And while deciding and reacting, you forget what is important to you, you don’t realize what you feel, or you lose sight of your visions and ideals.

Would you agree?

I can’t blame you. We are constantly exposed to too many distractions, stimulation and noise around us.

The big question is: Can you still hear your own thoughts or inner voice?

Are you listening to what is your voice, your instinct, your gut feeling, your insights telling you?

Too many choices, endless possibilities. What cereal to buy? What field of study to pick? Where to travel to? Which social channel to promote the business on?

How do you decide? Based on what? Here is the thing; If you have too many choices to make, you experience decision fatigue. You get lazy and just stay in your comfort zone instead of expanding your horizon. You switch to autopilot.

But this is your choice to make. Do you WANT to move like a zombie with the masses, or do you have an understanding of your own wishes and principles?

The Long-Term Impact Of Your Choices

We are facing too many short-term gratifications. We are drowning in Likes-fishing, quick-buys, instant-photo views, and you can have it all and instantly.

Does this satisfy you in the long-run? Are you aware of the long-term impact of your choices, clicks, and chases? We often don’t want to take the time to reflect about that.



Claudia Brose

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