Do you notice your inner compass to live and work by?

Claudia Brose
3 min readNov 7, 2021

Our world is moving fast, and we often get pushed through it with little time for reflecting,

pausing or breathing. Do you enjoy that? Or do you just go with the flow of these hectic times?

We act, we decide, we move to satisfy our current needs without much thinking about it. And while deciding and reacting we forget what is important to us, we don’t realize what we feel or lose sight of our visions and ideals.

How come?

Too many distractions, stimulation and noise around us. Can you still hear your own thoughts or inner voice? What is your voice, your instinct, your gut feeling, your insights perhaps telling you — and you are not listening to it.

Too many choices, endless possibilities. What cereal to buy? What field of study to pick? Where to travel to? Which social channel to promote the business on? How do you decide? Based on what? If we have too many choices to make we experience decision fatigue. We get lazy and just stay in our comfort zone instead of expanding our horizon.

Too many short-term gratifications. We are drowning in Likes-fishing, quick-buys, instant-photoviews, and you can have it all and right now attitude.

Does this satisfy you in the long run? Are you aware of the long-term impact of your choices, clicks, and chases? We often don’t want to take the time to reflect about that.

And then it just happens. You forget about your inner compass you would want to refer to when making decisions and selections.

But you neglect it. Because everything and everyone around you is constantly pushing and shouting, demanding and pressuring.

Self-awareness is key

Here is how we can help ourselves: Become aware of your values.

Do you have a direction and inner compass to live and work by?

If so, always keep it with you. Let not the noise guide you but your compass.

Most of us go through life with a general sense of who we are. For many people and in a lot of circumstances, that can be enough. What is YOUR enough?

Claudia Brose

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