Don’t Find Yourself — Find Yourself Friends

5 Reasons why friendships are priceless and 5 tips on how to make friends

Claudia Brose
10 min readJul 24, 2022


Photo © John McDermott | Me and my best friend

Two things carry you through life, your health, and your friends.

Both are precious and priceless.

For me, they are the two most important things in life you can have.

Let’s talk about friends and friendships.

Do you have friends?

I would assume so. But last week I got proven wrong with my assumption that, normally, everyone has friends.

An hour of discussion on the topic of how we make friends and maintain friendships in a small global business group I am part of made me realize that I took for granted what others look for in life.

For me, having friends, all my life, seemed normal and natural. I have them, I love them, I appreciate them, I care for them. I thought this is normal. They came with growing up and while walking through life. Actually, shouldn’t it be normal?

In that vivid discussion, I realized it might not be normal, or let’s say: many people seem to have lost the art of making friends, or, the natural ability to have, make and maintain friendships.

There are different reasons why people may have no friends:

  • There are some out there who have trouble making friends
  • Others ho are terrible at maintaining friendships and excuse it with not having time for that
  • And there are again others who just don’t care

So, I want to give you some input and inspiration from a point of view of positive experiences with friends and friendships.

To do so I did some time travel in my head to look at my friendships along my life timeline and how they came about. This way I can hopefully distill some helpful insights and input for you.

First, let me get into the value of friendships for life and the importance of friends for your life, well-being, longevity, sanity, and inner balance and strength.

Challenging Dale Carnegie



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