Don’t You Hate The Feeling That Time Passes Too Quickly And You Just Want To Change That?

Here is what I found out how you can feel that time is not flying — no magic involved

Claudia Brose
8 min readJul 24, 2023
Photo by Kunj Parekh on Unsplash

“I was just 27 hours in Berlin visiting my friend and it felt like a whole week!”, says my friend who is visiting her hometown of Hamburg and taking a quick trip over to Berlin (4 hours by train or 1 hour by plane from Hamburg) to see one of her best friends.

Isn’t that what we all want, that time feels like we have a LOT of it?

Sometimes a day feels wonderfully long, filled with so many different things and memories. As a kid, a day never ended. These days, when I start working in the morning and I look half an hour later (so it feels) at my watch — it’s 6 pm. Suddenly we celebrate a new year, but — wait, wasn’t the summer break just over last week?

What did just happen? Where did the time go?

Can time go or run? Can time do something?

The measurable ‘clock time’ is not the same as the time perceived by the human mind.

Time is a mental construct.

We cannot grasp time directly with our senses and this gnaws at us and we try to compensate for this with ideas and speculations…



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