Get Yourself A Refill of Fresh Attention Every 24 Hours

And why you better use it and not abuse it

Claudia Brose


photo © Mathew Schwartz on Unsplash

Every day, you have a new chance to use your valuable skill to pay attention, instead of abusing it.

Most of us abuse it.

Our ability to pay attention to what is necessary and what deserves our attention is limited.

We get hammered with too much news, ads, sales, and people’s daily drama stories. And we are so dumb that we let all of that — which is mostly useless, annoying, and unnecessary — cloud our brains and moods.

The result is that we blunt ourselves against what is important. We end up only seeing the bad stuff and can’t see anymore the good stuff.

Do you want to keep going on like that?

Maybe what we need to do is invest a daily effort in paying attention to the good things, the things that are important and valuable to us.

It puts you in a better mood. It makes you a better listener. You improve your relationships. You create more productive work.

And I’ll be bold and say it: It makes you a better human being.

Switch Your Attention Pattern

Here are 3 ideas to break your pattern of having your attention twisted and robbed by a life-sucking environment you are daily exposed to.

1. Ditch The Drama

Drag your attention away from the drama, the bad news, the crisis of the moment. What you need to know will get through to you — there are always cracks, no matter how tightly you turn off the tap of the information flow.

2. Capture The Beauty

Capture a few pictures daily with your smartphone of what you notice around you. The beauty, the weird, the unusual, the funny, the surprises, the smiles, the colorful. Just little moments. The intention to make some pictures makes you aware of your surroundings. You consciously look and see.

3. Turn The Conversation

When getting into conversations over coffee or dinner, at the grocery or the dog park, we tend to talk about negative stories, illness, crisis, unfairness, busyness. Pull your attention in the conversation to positive and uplifting stories.

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