Here Is How You Can Save Your Butt, Your Buddy and Your Brain

Sharpen your Situational Awareness skills like a pencil

Claudia Brose


photo © Scott Evans on Unsplash

If you are walking through the streets of New York or Kathmandu with a camera in your hands ready to capture the buzzing life on the streets of a fascinating place — when is the right moment to lift the camera and take the picture?

When is the decisive moment?

We know this question and feeling of “the right moment” when we are full of doubt, questions, and uncertainty. It hits us every day, at work, at home, and in daily life.

How often are you aware of a decisive, important moment?

If we are completely honest with ourselves, shouldn’t we be aware of certain moments way more often?

Reading a room, a person’s face, and interaction between people.

Understanding at that moment what is important, what to notice and what to neglect.

Photographers, journalists, and investigators are good with that.

If you are good at this, it means you have situational awareness.

We all should work on our situational awareness.

Giving your attention to your surroundings

Paying attention to what is happening around you means noticing and becoming aware of the people, the situation, the atmosphere, the energy of people, the mood, the gestures, the facial expressions, and the sounds around you.

Obviously, this can get complex. Because we live in a way too noisy, busy, crazy world.

That is what makes it so difficult to develop the skill of situational awareness.

Theoretically, it doesn’t seem so difficult. You just need to do this:

Cut out the noise.

Be aware.

Be awake.

Be perceptive.

Be alert.

Be curious.

Sounds easy, right?

Situational awareness can save your butt



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