Here Is Your Resource Attention. Don’t Spend It All In The Wrong Place.

Understanding the value of attention, 3 obstacles, and 3 fixes

Claudia Brose
6 min readJul 6, 2022


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Attention is a powerful resource that you own.

Attention helps you to live a meaningful life, get stuff done, and create conscious businesses.

Why attention and what does it mean?

Cutting Out The Crap

Attention means on one side to be able to select from our daily massive number of tasks and obligations, focus on just the selected ones, ignore the rest and cut out the distractions.

That way we can be efficient and productive, given that we are all in the same boat with a daily set of 24 hours at our disposal.

Gifting Time

Attention also means to give your attention to a person and truly listen to him/her, you gift time and show respect. Imagine you spend conscious time with your child, spouse, or friend — how much value does this add to your life?

If you really listen to your colleague or client intending to learn and understand — how much improvement does this add to your work or business?

An Inherent Resource

We actually have an inherent treasure. A valuable attention-potential, as I call it, resides within us. And too often we are not aware that attention is such a powerful skill that helps us to take charge of our lives.

I see attention as a core competence of the 21st century. I believe we can use our capacity to give attention to building a better life and business.

Here Is Your Biggest Resource

We easily take attention for granted. It is somehow there. We like to get distracted and if somebody or something wants our attention, we grant it. We consider it an infinite source.

It’s not! And it is.

It is very much limited when it comes to focusing. And if we consciously use our attention, it’s actually very arduous.

The media knows that. That’s why our attention span has value. For the marketing and media, it converts to numbers.



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