How a Subtle Shift of Perspective Can Change Your Reality

Your Response And Thoughts Are Your Choice

Claudia Brose
4 min readMay 10, 2022


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I like to create my own reality.

If the sky is cloudy but there are a few blue patches I say: the weather is not too bad. We can go for a bike ride! Whereas my friend says nope, no bike weather, and stays home. And gets in a bad mood because she would love to exercise but decided not to.

I get on my bike, create my biking-weather-reality and feel better after the ride, because I did what I love, getting my exercise and being outside for a bit. And in a much better mood, I get back to work.

The weather facts were as they were. Many clouds, little spots of blue.

Your Reality is created in your mind.

You create your reality from what you think are facts and what you make out of them.

There is a lot of negative reality stuff working its way into our heads. Media, politics, social media pressure, and the list goes on. Let’s leave this aside for now.

Let’s not look at the positive possibilities, how we create our own reality with our thoughts. So it serves us.

Photography is a great tool to practice your perception

One easy way to demonstrate how reality can be differently perceived and re-produced is photography.

Imagine 5 people are in the same location with a camera and they all have the same elements, “ingredients”, or circumstances they are looking at.

However, the photographic result will be five completely different pictures. The photographers are surrounded by the same house, fence, sun, tree, and farmer. These are the same facts for everybody.

But you know already, that each person will perceive and interpret these facts differently and create a different photo than the person next to him.

They all use different lenses and viewpoints.

Reality is created in your head.

Every photographer will produce an image according to their own sense of reality. They all give a different perspective on the “same” situation.



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