How attention determines the quality of your life

Claudia Brose
2 min readNov 8, 2021
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Paying attention is not about being open, considerate and mindful to everything and everybody around you. It’s about being aware of those selected things that help you to create life and work that satisfies you.

The art of the attentive lifestyle is a way to make choices about not letting others take your attention away so they can add a digit to their followers, get money for your clicks or pull you into the rabbit hole of useless information.

If you live an attentive lifestyle you keep control over your potential to pay attention, which means you keep control over your time, energy, and brainpower.

I believe the quality of your attention determines the quality of your life.

Why attention and what is it?

How we experience the world depends crucially on how we deal with our attention. Today’s scarcest resource and the secret to high performance and fulfillment is attention. It is an important asset that we too easily waste instead of treasuring.

Paying attention encompasses three essential skills, which makes it so valuable.

1. The art of being able to focus your attention

2. The willingness to pay sufficient attention to yourself, your loved ones, and the people you work with

3. The ability to be aware of your surroundings.

When you can focus your attention on what is the most important you will be able to finish your task or reach your goal much faster. The increase in productivity and learning when we stop trying to do it all at once is astonishing. You waste less time and gain more time for other areas of your life.

Paying sufficient attention to yourself means you care for your mental and physical well-being, reflect your visions and listen to your thoughts. It prevents you from burnout, negative stress, and dissatisfaction. Instead, you gain energy, motivation, and inspiration.

When you give attention to your loved ones and the people you work with you are mindful, thoughtful, considerate, and kind. Appreciating and caring for people takes time.

The result is better services and products for your customers, long-lasting relationships with loved ones, and motivated, productive, and loyal employees and colleagues.

An attitude of selection, awareness, and kindness

Applying attention to daily life and work means adopting an attitude of selection, awareness, and kindness.

When you choose to pay attention you are actually “paying” with something valuable.

It is your decision and choice to what you give your attention to.

To whom and to what you pay attention determines the quality of your life.

Claudia Brose

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