How Convenient Online Shopping Has Turned Into Stressful Brainwash

Become aware of the dark patterns of the online purchasing world to not get fooled all the time

Claudia Brose


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Everything in our daily life is turning into stress and pressure. The simple act (or so it should be) of purchasing tickets online, for events, travel, or buying the next hot need-to-have product turns into a nerve-wracking odyssey.

Companies or media sites try to push, distract and lure you into fast purchases and try to slip you all kinds of extras.

As if our brains weren’t already constantly twisted and driven crazy by the flood of information, noisy environment and pressure from everybody around us. Stress all over the place, and adding to that are those tricky purchasing sites.

Talking about the current state of airline ticket purchases, where airlines set out to drive you crazy during the purchasing process, so you pay in the end extra for your tight seat, your checked and lost luggage, your stale sandwich and the right to have your five-year-old one sitting next to you (and we are talking the regular big airlines, who now apply the schemes of flow fare airlines), the following “dark pattern” elements can be applied to any other online buying procedures:

  • Misdirection
  • Nagging
  • Urgency
  • Price comparison prevention
  • add-on purchases

These are some of the dark patterns and selling techniques you need to look out for when trying to make an oh-so-convenient-quick-online purchase. Which are actually not so convenient anymore considering all those hoops and loops online purchasing sites make you go through.

The Dark Patterns Of The Online World

Dark patterns are design strategies used to trick consumers during their purchasing experience and guide them to decisions they would not make otherwise. Time pressure to make your purchase quickly or else you lose the deal or have to fill out those fifty-six boxes with information all over again. This is stressful and enervating.



Claudia Brose

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