How Spending Time In Prison Can Give You An Escape From Your Stressful Life

Claudia Brose
4 min readApr 28, 2022

Exciting retreat locations that keep you from burnout

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Retreats in times of digital over-stimulation

Would you go to jail to escape the overwhelming demands of everyday life?

Spend a night in jail to get a good night’s sleep and escape the chaos of the world! That would be something, wouldn’t it? And pay money for it! Sounds crazy, but it does exist.

When it comes to thinking clearly, counteracting inner turmoil and escaping pressure, retreats offer a recharging station.

This can be the park for a short walk, a meditation or disappearing into a retreat location for several days. It can also be a hobby, a leisure activity.

Here are a few interesting examples.

Finding peace — in prison

In South Korea, stressed managers, graduates and employees retreat to a fictitious prison for a day or two to escape the pressures and demands of their work and everyday life.

It gives them a sense of freedom and they feel the need to be alone with themselves.

The idea originated in South Korea (from a very stressed person) and fell on fertile ground. The country is extremely demanding and competitive, both already in school and in the working world. There is a very high stress level and a permanent feeling of being drained.

In the Western world, don’t we often turn to Far Eastern philosophies, such as mediation, yoga, the teachings of Buddhism, to gain self-contemplation, balance and focus?

Here we have an Asian nation that ranks third in the world in terms of working hours per year — and the Far Eastern philosophies are displaced. The ambitions to constantly perform and grow are strong forces.

The prison retreat, however, shows that the end of the line for “work madness” is slowly being reached.

Where do South Koreans feel freer? Back in their overwhelming work environment or in the “prison” retreat? A bunch of people enjoying this unusual retreat place wished they could extend their prison time to keep the stress and hectic at bay.

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