How To Avoid Your Biggest Regrets When You Hit 90

Your best experiences will be what you have paid attention to in your life

Claudia Brose
5 min readJun 28, 2022


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You and I and about everybody else suffer from a permanent sensory overload, information overflow, and digital media madness.

Our consumer goods frenzy distracts us from consciously perceiving ourselves and our surroundings. Influenced by this, we do not take the time to look closer or think longer.

How do these distractions ruin your life?

  • We react instead of weighing situations first.
  • We make hasty decisions instead of questioning.
  • We don’t care because we are rushed.
  • We forget what’s important to us because we’re too busy thinking about our busyness.
  • We go on autopilot because we can’t move forward otherwise.
  • We think short-term instead of considering long-term consequences.
  • We feel doing nothing is a waste of time.
  • We feel pushed, rushed, and robbed of our precious time.
  • We fight on several fronts at the same time and make no progress on any.
  • We are being lived instead of living. Our lives feel like someone else is sitting in the driver’s seat.

Now, imagine you are looking back on your life from the future, from the end: to whom or what have you given your attention in your life?

Why Do We Surrender To Distraction?

Why are you in this situation? Because you are swept along by the current without asking yourself whether you even want to follow this stream at all.

You allow the agenda and professional pressure to take over and do what it wants with you. Your attention is constantly demanded from you, almost stolen, as if it is not in your hands.

You probably prefer to control your attention and deal with it in a more disciplined way, right?

Distraction makes itself at home in your comfort zone. Leaving the comfort zone means discipline and self-control. Hey, that’s way too much effort, isn’t it?



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