How To Become Slightly Happier

Bypassing some unhappiness traps isn’t a magic

Claudia Brose
8 min readMay 15, 2022


Me hiking in California | Photo © John McDermott

I am a happy camper. You can be one too.

Sure, happiness is personal and individual, and even cultural. What means happiness for one person is something else for another and when entering a different culture, happiness can take on a whole different dimension.

Happiness is also not a permanent condition. It is or should be, part of your life.

It comes and goes. A basic attitude that everyone has towards the phenomenon of luck also somewhat controls how much luck you get.

However you define your happiness, you can contribute to happiness in your life.

I watched myself and others over the years, what happens to me, what happens to others, what mindset do I have, what mindset can I observe in others, or what do I learn from conversations.

Here is how I create my happiness. Borrow and pick from it what works for you.

What makes you happy?

Can you answer this question?

That sounds like a simple question. Do you ever think about it?

Are you aware of what makes you happy?

If you are aware of what it actually is that makes you happy, then you can help your happiness a little.





I feel happy when I am outside, when I see, smell, and hear nature around me. This relaxed, satisfied feeling when I walk by myself in the forest or park with no person in sight might be happiness. Hearing my brother’s voice on the phone makes me happy.

The warm, good feeling when being with or thinking of my good friends, or when getting lost in exchanging thoughts with my husband — all these give me a sense of happiness.

I feel happy when I feel I am moving forward, making progress with whatever I am doing or aiming at.

What makes YOU happy?

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