How To Create An In-Person Event That Makes People Come Back, Feel Fulfilled, And Spread The Word

What it takes to create a meaningful and transformative event

Claudia Brose
7 min readSep 16, 2022


photo © Lina Fricke | photography event Claudia Brose 2022

Last week I wrapped up a photography event with twenty satisfied participants. An in-person event in a magical location.

Nothing can replace the “live moments” in life with other people.

It is great to gather people for real, in a real place, for several days, and not just for an hour on a screen looking at a chess board of little squares each filled with a face.

People loved it. They connected. They were inspired. They want to come back next year.

What more can I wish for?

And what does it take to have people leave your event feeling exactly that?

With this event, I strive to help people experience a sense of belonging and something special that stays with them.

From my nine years of experience building and growing a unique photography event I’d like to offer you my ingredients for an in-person event that turned participants into regulars, friends, and transformed individuals.

Let’s get started.

Why Do We REALLY Get Together

One thing is sure:

Nothing can replace the “live moments” in life with other people.

It is great that we can “see” each other and talk, connect and exchange across the globe through screens and digital technology. But nothing can replace the warmth, energy, and a deeper sense of connection that we have when meeting with peers for real.

The challenge remains how to get people to connect meaningfully and to be open to being changed by their experience?

Put yourself into the shoes of the people you want to bring together.

Events allow us to be among others, to exchange, hear and see, solve problems, and collect ideas.

What is it really that participants want and need?

Embrace The Purpose Of Your Event And The Needs



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