How to not sacrifice parts of your life to successfully maintain your work life

Claudia Brose
5 min readOct 11, 2021
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If you want to be successful professionally and make a lot of money, then first you have to work hard, secondly be a bad ass and thirdly put the fun in your life on the back burner. This may sound extreme and somewhat “old-fashioned” today, but these thoughts may not be completely far-fetched after all.

The alarming idea that we have to sacrifice one part of our life in order to successfully maintain the other part is nonsense.

The ideal state is to be successful in our professional activities, to enjoy pleasure and meaning in our lives, and to make the world a better place — all of the above, not just one of those.

These are not mutually exclusive ideas! Quite the opposite. All areas are interrelated, interdependent and complementary.

Pay attention to all the important areas of your life — Love it all — that is where your success and satisfaction as a HUMAN being comes from.

When all areas of your life are in balance, they influence each other positively and ultimately lead to a life that feels authentic to you. You feel at peace and are satisfied with yourself. Plus, you are successful. And even happy.

What are life areas?

Depending on the source describing the various aspects of life, there are usually between 6 to 12 areas listed. From this I have compiled the following sections for myself, which I like to recommend to you:

1. Quality of life / life vision

2. Health / fitness

3. Family / partnership / friends / relationships

4. Creativity / inspiration / spirituality

5. Thoughts / emotions / character

6. Profession / career / further education

7. Financial / material

We should pay equal attention to all of these areas, because they balance, nurture, and support each other.

Health / Fitness

Your physical health influences your heart and mind and vice versa. What do you do for your health? How often do you exercise? Getting some fresh air and going for a walk are as much a…

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