How To Put Your Daily Feeling Of Stress Into Perspective

Cultivate your sense of wonder to improve your business and life

Claudia Brose
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When you become aware of some little wonder-full things or something larger than yourself your mental chatter and worries shrink, and you experience higher levels of overall life satisfaction, productivity, and well-being. You are less stressed. You can connect better with yourself and others.

Experiencing Awe And Feeling Better

Experiencing awe can put your daily feeling of stress into perspective at the moment. That again has the effect of increasing your well-being.

A sense of wonder, and awe, is critical to our well-being — just like joy, contentment‌ , and love. Research suggests that experiencing small moments of wonder has tremendous health benefits that include calming down our nervous system and triggering the release of oxytocin, the “love-hormone” that supports the feeling of trust and bonding.

You know the physical effects like tingling and goosebumps when you are in awe, but it also lowers your heart rate under stress and feeling a sense of wonder affects you emotionally.

„In a world that bombards and distracts us with everything yet to come, we often miss the wonderful opportunities in the moment of now. As a result, we miss the pleasure of connecting with our team and our customers in the present. So, they leave disappointed, disconnected and look elsewhere for better fulfillment.“ — Peter Merret

One of the most reliable ways to experience awe is in the simple act of witnessing the goodness of others.

What Is Awe And Your Sense Of Wonder

Awe is partly about focusing on the world outside of your head and rediscovering the wonder-full things that are out there and that are not you.

“Awe is the feeling of being in the presence of something vast that transcends your understanding of the world” — Dacher Keltner, Psychologist University of California, Berkeley.

Vastness, complexity, hard-to-grasp, astounding, mysterious — think of a starry night sky, the beauty of something small, precious, and intricate…



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