How To Show Up As Yourself When An Overload Of Voices Tell You Who You Are

You can transform your life from the inside out

Claudia Brose


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Transform your life from the inside out.

What is your role in life? Are you looking at the long-term good or the short-term profit? We are conditioned to yearn for instant gratification — which is looking at the short-term have-it-all-right-now satisfaction.

Alternatively, you can look at the value you are giving others and yourself on a journey called life — which is looking at the long-term well-being and what and who you pay attention to on your life path.

When you identify your values and priorities, you can create your definition of success which is a combination of the aspects that make up the most important areas in your life.

This is about evaluating and balancing each part of your life and becoming aware of the fact that all areas are interconnected and contribute to your overall well-being, personally and professionally.

Don’t look to others for your values and principles. They have to come from inside of you.

You define what success means to you personally. Otherwise, you begin to lose your sense of self and authenticity because you want to please others and be like others.

Have Compassion Or Make An Impression?

Many of us would like to enhance our compassion, but don’t know how. We are looking at compassion as the intent to contribute to the happiness and well-being of others.

A compassionate parent or teacher, a compassionate companion or leader has an honest interest in seeing their loved ones, students, or staff not just perform and move forward but to see them thrive. A true feeling coming from within.

You don’t need to make an impression on others. They have a concept of what impresses them, and you have your own concept. What if their picture of what impresses them doesn’t match with your “act of making an impression”? Does it make you a less impressive person? No, it only causes stress on your side trying to match their version of what is impressive.



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