How To Stand Up To The Voices Shaming You For Changing Your Outlook On Work

You changed your perspective on work and life and now face the challenge to pull it through

Claudia Brose
6 min readSep 20, 2022


Photo © John McDermott | Me taking a break to recharge for work

I have to say I was surprised and didn’t quite expect this shift.

Speaking recently with friends who are strongly and passionately involved in their work and businesses they told me how they changed their way of working and how to think about work and life.

I work Fridays from home now and it’s wonderful. And during the week I leave the office in the late afternoon and not late evening anymore.

I don’t want to drive myself crazy anymore. For what?

When clients set tight deadlines for which you and your team pull all-nighters to make it happen, only that this deadline gets changed on short notice because the client has other stuff to do — then you know that you have to change something. You rule your life and work, not some always-changing and not-being-appreciative clients or bosses.

These were some of the sentences I listened to.

They decided to take it easier, go slower, and not drive themselves crazy anymore over work. And this is Gen X talking.

They don’t mean that because they don’t like their work, or they have made their money and now it’s OK to take it easier. What they mean is they changed their way of looking at work and life.

But there is a problem. You might wake up to your senses, but everyone else around you keep believing in the “hurried culture”.

You love your work. But you also love your life. And you came to the conclusion that there are better ways to combine these two important aspects.

How can you stand up to those around you who try to shame you for changing your outlook on work and life?

From Gen X to Millennials to Gen Z

You are not the only one.

There are lots of us out there who question the system that is sold to us. A system of hard discipline, merciless working hours, and just don’t show any weakness. A system of the hurried ones.



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