If You Are Stuck At Work Or In Life Look No Further Than Yourself To Untangle The Situation

Here are 4 exercises to find the exit when running in circles

Claudia Brose
7 min readAug 3, 2022


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You feel stuck and frustrated with your work or life.

You want to move forward but only feel like going in circles.

One thing is clear. It doesn’t help you to keep feeding your anger and frustration with your energy, it only makes your frustration bigger.

Reroute your energy and focus your attention on yourself and invest this frustration-energy into reflecting and creating ideas.

“Your reality is not shaped by facts, but instead always by how you create your reality through your thinking.” — Bernhard Moestl (in “Success is the result of your thinking.”)

You want to find a different solution for work projects, start a business, or change your lifestyle so it fits better your vision and values?

Here are 4 exercises that can help you to untangle your brain, get your frustration dissolve like an effervescent tablet and your motivation sparked.

What Are Your Specialties?

Take the time and pay some attention to yourself to take inventory of your skills, interests and special knowledge.

How might you apply these to other, new, creative, never-before-thought-of activities or business ideas?

“Your life has shaped you in unique ways, and those particularities-whether you’re aware of them or not-determine how you live your life, what tasks you pursue, and what you can speak about with passion and authority.” -Michael Rabiger

Thinking of changing the way how you want to combine your daily work-life and life-life, you can shift around how you offer your work.

Many service providers who offer knowledge, information, continuing education in any field, coaching, or fitness have moved their offerings to online. Consider if that would be an option for you? You can inspire, help and motivate others with your expertise, experiences and stories.

What is the essence, your special passion or knowledge that you have in your field?



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