Lower Your Stress Today By Not Saying YES All The Time

Saying No makes you feel better and proud

Claudia Brose
5 min readMay 6, 2022


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We want to say yes and be open to letting wonderful things into our lives.

To do that, you might need to learn to say NO first.

“No” to distractions that steal valuable time from you. The time that you could actually spend differently, more productively, more efficiently, more relaxed, and more fulfilling. Whether in our daily lives or at work.

How often do you say Yes when asked to please take on those extra tasks at work? Or when you’re asked to please chauffeur your kid from school to soccer practice, or when we get ready for a coffee appointment with a colleague to provide some help even though you are feeling way too tired?

Saying Yes can be stressful.

When you become aware of the stress that the word “yes” can impose on you will find it easier to say No.

“Oftentimes we feel like we can’t say no, but you’ll lower your stress by not saying Yes all of the time.” (Laurie Buchanan, PhD)

Setting boundaries, saying No, to focus on what is most important will give you more space to fulfill your needs.

Try it to see how good you feel when you start paying more attention to your own wants and needs instead of pushing them aside.

And the two simple letters that help you to get there are N and O.

Sounds selfish? NO!

“No” — for a more relaxed life

Say NO and listen to the sound. Listen and feel it.

Does it perhaps sound like:

No, I don’t want to be anymore the cleaner and garbage can for the work tasks you like to impose on me…

No, I am not the always-be-there-for-others-and-do-it-all person anymore…

Because that is draining, robs all your energy, and makes you weary and dissatisfied.

And guess what? In such a state no one is a good problem solver, helper, or supporter.

Ask those around you who dare to say No. This is what they will tell you: They feel better. They are more satisfied. They are at…



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