“People Live A Life Pressing Buttons”

Achieve A Better Life And Work Balance By Pressing Less Buttons

Claudia Brose
6 min readMar 31


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“People are so tied up in the worst parts of technology these days. They live a life pressing buttons. They don’t use their imaginations.” — Iris Apfel

We can’t live without the buttons, but we could live with less button-pressing.

Iris Apfel is such a riot and usually spot on! Now, this 101-year-old fashion icon (and self-proclaimed oldest teenager in the world) is a celebrity on Instagram — which doesn’t mean she is pressing the uploading buttons herself. Ms. Apfel takes care of the imagination, and her entourage takes care of blasting on Instagram her endlessly colorful creations to her worldwide fans.

Even though there is a lot of input and imagination behind all those buttons we like to press and swipe throughout the day, it makes us stop perceiving and using our own imagination and intuition.

This article is about giving you a different perspective on balance, noticing what can “balance you” and becoming aware of the tiny little things in daily life that are “balancing factors” in your day.

Living An Ideal Balanced Body-Mind-Spirit?

Sounds nice but not likely.

We might not be able to live an ideal balanced body-mind-spirit unity like Shaolin monks but we can be more conscious about how we treat our bodies (preferably not like trash cans) and how we overwhelm our minds (with negative and useless news and streams).

We can learn from the Shaolin Kung-Fu monks that it is important to introduce a counterbalance when one area of life, for example, work, gets overly demanding and stressful.

It is about noticing the imbalance in our body and mind and listening to it. Paying more attention to what our bones and brains are telling us rather than to all those Apps and what they try to sell us.

Are You Using Your Imagination?

They don’t use their imaginations, says Iris Apfel. Okay, Iris is around on this planet since 1921, which certainly gives some different insights and ideas about the topic of imagination.



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