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Claudia Brose
5 min readJun 5, 2021
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„I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free“, said Michelangelo.

He was clear about what he wanted to create, he saw it, so he could carve away all the unnecessary stuff.

To be able to remove obstacles and constraints we first need to be clear about what the essential is. What is our desired outcome?

What’s the angel?

For me, it’s basically about the idea that if we work and live with conscious attention, we can create a work-life-style that is fulfilling and successful.

And if I we want to look even further behind the concept of living and working with attention, we uncover a deeper insight — paying attention is really about TIME and CURIOSITY.

Attention — What it’s not about?

What did I get rid of in order to get to the essence of attention?

And what did I chip of even more, to see the very core of paying attention: time and curiosity?

Attention as a currency

Those who shout the loudest are the heroes on our global stage. Right? We want to attract attention for more visibility in the market. Attention is treated like a currency, the more attention you get (followers?), the higher your value.

In other words, I grab (or steal) the attention of the others to draw their attention to me.

I omit this interpretation of attention.

Attention as commodity

Since some years we are facing the phenomenon of an attention economy. By the information and marketing world our attention is seen as a commodity that is constantly being stolen from us and being “sold”. The media, advertising industry and social platforms compete for our attention with ads and offers in order to earn money through clicks and tricks.

There is a real war going on for our scarce resource: our capability to pay attention. I become the victim of the market, letting my attention pulled away from me.

There is no need to be the victim of the attention economy.

Attention as a

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