The Magical Things That Happen When You Begin Paying Attention

You end up boosting well-being, productivity and relationships

Claudia Brose
6 min readMar 14


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Every day I experience how magical things happen when I pay attention.

Why is that?

“You become what you Pay Attention to. If you don’t decide for yourself to which thoughts and images you expose yourself, someone else will.” — Epictetus, Greek stoic and philosopher

Because paying attention is the key to so many areas of life and work.

Think about it — what are people striving for?

  • Having a future
  • Being loved
  • Being healthy
  • Enjoying life
  • Having less stress
  • Having flexibility
  • Having more time

This is what I noticed: the things people complain about almost always come down to a lack of paying attention.

My health is declining but I can’t pay attention to my body or the signals because I am too busy working!

I don’t have enough time for my partner or friends because I don’t have the attention span and patience for them.

I am not aware of (read: not pay attention to) the little wonderful things in daily life that would bring me some happiness.

If I could take a bit more care of myself (read: pay attention to myself), take time, enough sleep, reflect, and so on this would contribute to my well-being.

I am annoyed that I feel distracted and overwhelmed most of the time but I can’t manage to focus (read: pay attention) on the things in front of me.

I barely notice what is going on around me because I don’t pay attention and just rush through.

„Success and happiness belong to people who can control their attention.” — Adam Grant

What Are The Magical Things That Happen?

Who gives, receives. When we give attention, we get attentive behavior back. This is when the magic happens. For the giver and for the receiver.

Paying attention connects



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