There is a resource I call Paying Attention. Do we have enough of it?

Claudia Brose
2 min readFeb 18, 2021
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Do we pay enough attention to ourselves? Do we pay enough attention to others and the world around us? Is there a limit to our capacity to pay attention?

„I need to add that attention time — not just to my surroundings but to hear my own thoughts, yet there’s this pull in me to be adding to my learning, read another book, listen to that podcast, do that course…”, describes Jacquie from New Zealand.

“…I finally had the revelation that joy was all around me — I just hadn’t been seeing it”, reveals Anne from California.

Isn’t that strange how often we don’t pay enough attention to our surroundings and our own thoughts? Wouldn’t you agree that these are actually two very important aspects in life that help us to feel secure, aware, confident with ourselves and fulfilled with what we do?

How much capacity for paying attention do we have?

There is not enough attention span we have when trying to focus and not be distracted by all the noise, demands and information overflow. The human brain is not wired to multitask, as many researches have shown. There is a limit, not enough brainpower, to concentrate on x numbers of stimuli and tasks we are confronted with.

But, there is enough attention, in my opinion, we can give when it comes to caring. Paying attention means caring for ourselves, for our well-being, and for the people around us, our loved ones, and the people we encounter in daily life. When we care, we give them our attention. We give time, we are respectful and kind, we listen and are curious.

Yet, we always seem to not give enough attention to the important things. Why is that? Is paying attention to our health, to the potential in others, the water glass being half full instead of half empty not important? We drive our busy streets while looking at our device. We miss the beauty, joy and little progresses around us, because we don’t pay attention. Does this make us happy in life and fulfilled at work?

The source of paying attention can be infinite

The good news is, we do have enough “attention-potential” inside us. And if we are aware of that “enough’ness” we can use this potential. We can create better work lives and thriving businesses if we insist on paying attention to the people who make it happen and lead with conscious attention. We can create fulfilling lives if we pay attention to what makes us happy.



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