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The little mindset shift about how you use your attention

Claudia Brose


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Let me ask you this: Is life absorbing you or do you absorb life?

Who is in control? You — enjoying life?

Or is the life unfolding around you in control over your personal life?

Life is like a glass half-filled with water. That glass is what it is. It is halfway filled. Now it is up to you how you look at the glass.

If you look at it as “half full” you are thinking in terms of abundance.

If you look at it as “half empty” you have a mindset of scarcity.

What do you pay attention to?

The mindset of abundant attention goes like this:

  • Who gives, receives. When you give attention, you get attentive behavior back.
  • If you pay attention to your customers or audience and try to understand their desires and problems, then they will put you in the spotlight.
  • If you listen to your employees, and acknowledge and respect them, they will reward you with their commitment, ideas, and loyalty.
  • When you pay attention to your loved ones, you receive support, joy, and love.

Attention becomes abundant.

Whereas the mindset of scarce attention feels like this:

  • I don’t have time to pay attention to my staff, my family, my friends.
  • I don’t have the patience to care for my elderly parents.
  • My mind is too full of stuff I cannot focus and give my attention to deeper and more thorough thoughts.

Is Attention A Limited Resource?

We can only pay so much attention to several things or tasks or voices or stimulations in a certain time frame.

But it is up to us to decide what we pay attention to or if we let our boss, our work demands, or media and marketing platforms take over and steal your attention from us. In which case your potential to give attention diminishes.



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