We Have Turned Into Robots Who Need To Be Told How To Breathe, Walk And Sleep

Wake up and get your life back in a fast moving 21st century

Claudia Brose
6 min readAug 13, 2022


Me | photo © John McDermott

Breathe. Walk. Sleep.

This is how far humanity has come.

We need to be told that we need to breathe, walk and sleep.

We are swamped with articles, books, coaching, events, retreats, and research on how to recover from being rushed, pressured, and pushed to exhaustion in our ever-so-accelerating work and life.

A lot of input is about re-learning things that we did naturally ages ago or that kids do naturally.

We are human beings that breathe, walk and sleep. This should be normal. And not be normalized.

It should be normal that we sometimes take deep breaths. It should be natural that we get up and move once in a while, besides taking regular walks. It should be a given that we sleep between six to eight hours.

Yet, here we are in the 21st century and have coaches, gurus, and smart self-help books telling us that we should be more conscious about breathing, that walking is healthy, and sleeping is re-energizing.

Wow! Who would have thought!

Since we all should take these natural aspects of life seriously and since we seem to have some issues with not doing so — let’s take a closer look and become more human and less robotic.

Let’s Take A Deep Breath

I get it, we don’t think about breathing; we just do it. Luckily.

But since we take it for granted, we seem to have forgotten how helpful conscious breathing can be in so many life and work situations.

Looks like the eastern philosophies with their practices in meditation and martial arts have long before us figured out that there is more to breathing than just preventing us from dropping dead.

We are too busy getting things done and moving faster all the time, so we don’t pay attention to breathing. Until we become short of breath when giving a busy business talk or climbing the third floor of a high-rise.



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