What You Can Learn From Great Photographers For Your Field of Expertise

9 Great tips I learned from Photographers at an International Photography Festival that you can apply to any profession

Claudia Brose
7 min readMar 12, 2024
Photo by author March 2024

I am fascinated by the broad knowledge, insights and skills international working photographers have.

The way photographers work and think has a lot to offer for how to work and think in any other profession when you want others to react to your work.

Being surrounded for one week by amazing photographers and photography stories at the international photography festival Xposure gave me a lot of input for work, in fact for any discipline you are working in. If you are an artist, a writer, a business owner, entrepreneur, activist, or scientist — any profession or activity can take a leaf out of the photographers’ book.

Excellent photographers are great storytellers and thinkers through their pictures. They observe, evaluate, capture, communicate, criticize, and empathize.

Here are 9 tips I summarized for you from the many things we can learn from photographers that you can apply when you want people to react to your work, your business, your activities, or your efforts.

1. Tell Stories



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