When Pissed About Your Life — Blame Others For Greater Satisfaction

A convenient Exit Strategy To Release Your Anger and Unhappiness

Claudia Brose
5 min readMay 10


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Instead of living more purposefully, with satisfaction, optimism, integrity, self-awareness, and self-love, many people have the tendency to distract themselves from all of the above by blaming others for their misery.

What a great path to enlightenment!

Short-term thinking, not taking time to slow down and reflect, and diverting attention to others instead of oneself are all great strategies to support your case for unhappiness and dissatisfaction.

Take a closer look at your human defects and if you want to stick with them or find a better path to greater satisfaction.

Blaming Others Is So Wonderfully Convenient

Blaming others is so convenient. It is a defense mechanism and actually often an unconscious process that protects the blamer from experiencing unpleasant feelings, like guilt, shame, disappointment, sadness, powerlessness, or unhappiness.

In Psychology, blaming is usually considered part of a human defense mechanism. People project their own shortcomings onto others. They deny their own negative characteristics and mirror them instead of others.

It comes very convenient then when others are around us, especially if they are weaker, we can blame them in order to justify our anger.

People Want To Be Unhappy And Blame Others For Their Lives

Why is that?

People invite problems, dissatisfaction, and negative thinking. They can’t help themselves. Otherwise, they are unhappy. Seriously. That’s how we can see it all around us.

Blaming others is also a tool for staying unhappy.

Each time we blame others for our actions, we diminish our power and we perceive ourselves as a victim. We foster a feeling of being powerless, helpless, and unhappy.

Taking responsibility for ourselves and our own actions is indeed not always easy. It can be scary. But this fear leads us to find a distraction. A great distraction is to…



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