Who Do You Ask If You Need Advice And Solutions — Yourself Or Others?

Even Tony Robbins says he is not your guru. How you can be your own guru

Claudia Brose
7 min readJun 10


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We all strive for great outcomes, reaching the goal, and aiming for the best spot. And we never stop asking — how do we get there?

Most of the time we want to know from our mentors and trainers the answer, the solution for HOW to do something, how to change ourselves, and how to switch on the light bulb. The truth is, they cannot give you the answer.

Unfortunately, you have to find the answer yourself. Here is how I found out.

For two years in Japan and about five more in Germany, I practiced Kyudo, Japanese archery, or, literally translated the way of the bow. It seems that only decades later I realize the valuable life lessons it has taught me.

The 2 important life lessons I like to share and that you can apply to your search for answers are:

  1. The answer to how and why you reach a goal lies within yourself.
    We tend to rely on a “master” (parent, boss, teacher, trainer) to give us the solution, to show us the right way. But the role of a “master” is not to be someone who teaches something, but someone who encourages you to do your best to discover a knowledge that you already carry in your soul writes Paulo Coelho in his book The Archer.
  2. Practice, Practice, Practice.
    No matter what kind of sports, work, career, or activity you want to become good or excellent in, you need perseverance and consistency — never stop practicing. In practice, you build experience and understand the failures and the wins which lead you to a growing repertoire of possible solutions.

The teacher cannot give one How-To answer to all of his students, because we are all different.

This is why a master kyudo instructor keeps his explanations to a minimum and encourages his students to find the answers for themselves through ongoing practice.

He knows that over-teaching only further stimulates the intellect and prevents you from listening to your intuition.

Thus by “over-teaching” the teacher denies the student the chance to experience the hidden, inner workings of…



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