Why Some People Survive Disasters And Others Do Not

You might think it’s ingenious preparation. It’s not.

Claudia Brose


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Do you consider yourself a survivor?

You want to be prepared when sh*t hits the fan, wherever it may happen on planet Earth, in your region or in your office.

We take care of data, processes, techniques, tools, and science to have some preparation. We believe that this is the best way to handle catastrophic situations. And, of course, this is part of it, we shouldn’t be naïve and ignore that.

But there is another very important aspect many of us neglect.

Equally important, we need to build a sense of security within ourselves and with the people with whom we live and work so that we can navigate more flexibly and comfortably through unexpected situations.

We must start with ourselves to be better prepared.

Are your mind and attitude ready for such unexpected situations?

I give you 3 different kinds of perspectives or “philosophies” on the subject of dealing with critical or disastrous situations.

All these perspectives lead you to one joint solution you can adopt in life.

1. It’s The Heart, Stupid!

Throughout his life, author Laurence Gonzales has been fascinated by the rules of life, the borderline between surviving and not surviving in seemingly hopeless situations (wilderness, plane crashes, mountain accidents, etc.).

The borderline where one must remain calm and alert.

For more than 40 years, the author and speaker has studied why some people survive accidents and disasters and others do not.

His findings are now used as teaching pieces by U.S. Navy Seals and business schools.

He summarizes his findings from researching accident reports, conversations with survivors, and modern scientific research as follows:

“The crazy thing for most of us with a Western scientific mindset is that it’s not the tools, the technology, or the knowledge we have in our baggage that separates the survivors from the non-survivors. It’s not even what’s in our minds. As…



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