You Are Wasting Your Time When You Speed Read

If you want to be smarter and equipped for the future skip the skimming

Claudia Brose
4 min readAug 22, 2022


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When has speed reading become a thing?

And why is it supposed to be so great?

Here is why. Because you can consume even more in less time in our over-consuming world. Since you can’t even catch up with your own thoughts anymore you want to down-size the input you read. No time anymore for, I dare to say, “normal” reading.

Speed can be good for some things.

But speed doesn’t necessarily make you always better or smarter.

Racing in Formula One you better speed if you wanna get the trophy.

If you are on the operating table you don’t want that surgeon to speed through the procedure he is performing on you so he can win the race of who cuts, cleans, and closes you the fastest among the top surgeons.

If you shortcut your kids’ bedtime story she wants you to read you might not only miss out on precious time with your little one but you also compromise the proper brain development of a human being from a very early age. To help parents with their busy schedules and time-consuming kids the world invented “The One-Minute Bedtime Story”. Classic fairy tales are stripped of everything and reduced to a one-minute summary.

Try it out. You will love how fast you can get away from the edge of the bed. And you will successfully raise a child with a lack of creativity, fascination, storytelling, and patience.

Speed Reading Just Shows How Lazy You Are

Here is why you love skimming through words where ever they might be written.

Because you are damn lazy.

Trained from reading on the screen, from cryptic texts on social media, and too much online content that you only have to skim through as quickly as possible, you just look for keywords and you skip the rest. That’s lame.

You are too lazy to make an effort to read everything to better understand the context, the subtle information, and reading between the lines.



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